Rhode Island Real Estate Lawyers

Real estate matters can quickly become complex and frustrating for many individuals. If you are facing commercial or residential real estate transactions or litigation, it is wise to seek the counsel of an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

At Bengtson & Jestings, LLP, we understand the importance of handling real estate matters efficiently. We will thoroughly examine your situation and all supporting documentation in order to provide a comprehensive assessment of your legal options. Whether your real estate matter is complex or straightforward, contact a skilled attorney to provide direction and guidance.

Providence Commercial Real Estate Attorneys

Real estate matters can typically be categorized into either transactions or litigation.

  • Real Estate Transactions typically refer to the purchase or sale of property. Our lawyers can assist with closings, title searches, drafting and review of Purchase and Sales Agreements, loan documentation, , and any other matter that must be addressed before the property actually changes hands.
  • Real Estate Litigation typically occurs once the property has changed hands. Numerous types of disputes can arise such as boundary disputes, contractor disputes, disclosure issues, quiet title actions or condominium board disputes.

Additionally, our firm has experience resolving disputes for landlords and tenants in commercial and residential settings. Contact our firm to learn more about how our attorneys can provide advice and guidance in your unique situation.

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If you have further questions regarding real estate matters, contact Bengtson & Jestings, LLP. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with an attorney at our firm, and can be reached at 401-331-7272.