Products Liability Claims

At Bengtson & Jestings, LLP our defense attorneys have successfully represented manufacturers, distributors and retailers of a wide range of products including both consumer and industrial products. We have the experience and resources necessary to protect our clients' rights and interests against all types of defective product claims.

In successfully defending these cases we have used and have become familiar with consultants and expert witnesses in such areas as accident reconstruction, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, safety engineering and electrical engineering. Our long term relationship with these experts and consultants provides our clients with immediate guidance during the early investigation of these cases. The early examination and preservation of evidence often becomes critical in the successful defense of these claims.

Ultimate goals may vary according to your needs and the facts of the case. Sometimes the best solution is to reach a settlement, while in other cases it may be necessary to try the case in order to protect the reputation of the client's product. Our insurance defense attorneys work closely with clients to understand their objectives and will tailor their approach to meet a client's needs.