Premises Liability Accidents

We handle all types of premises liability claims including those claims resulting from defective property conditions, such as the accumulation of ice or snow on walkways or parking lots, foreign objects on stairs or other common areas, dram shop cases and cases alleging injuries caused by alcohol served on the premises as well as claims alleging injury or death caused by the criminal acts of third parties. Bengtson & Jestings, LLP has represented owners, tenants and property managers in the commercial, educational and residential setting involving claims in this broad area of the law. During more than three decades of handling cases in the premises liability area we have developed valuable expertise in defending these claims.

In every claim that we handle at Bengtson & Jestings, LLP our attorneys will thoroughly investigate the claim and develop a strategy that takes into account the unique needs and interests the claim presents and pursue a successful resolution that protects your interests.