Bad Faith Claims

Bad faith claims can result in an insurer's exposure above its policy limits which may drive up costs and expenses. Bengtson & Jestings, LLP's relationship with insurance carriers includes the prevention of and defense of these claims.Our defense attorneys have consistently excelled in the practice, handling, and trial of these often complex claims.

We represent insurance companies in first and third-party claims disputes alleging different forms of bad faith. We have successfully defended potential bad faith cases including: unfair claims settlement practices; failure to settle; duty to defend; late notice and the issuing of improper reservations of rights. In defending these claims we regularly have contact with and appear before the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation and other regulatory agencies.

We fully understand the unique nature of these claims and the concerns that they present to any insurer. We have found that these cases require an early, comprehensive assessment to determine how to manage the insurer's potential exposure and to resolve the case in the most advantageous way to the insurer. At Bengtson & Jestings, LLP we have the experience, skill and knowledge to help insurers decide when a case must be tried and when other resolution strategies are needed.